Latest Updates:
  • GOLD MEDAL at Genius Olympiad, New York(2017)        


  • GOLD MEDAL at ISWEEEP, Houston (2017)

  • National Winner at Social Innovation Relay, JA Worldwide (2017)

A Bit About Me


My Name is Shivam and I am currently studying in 11th Grade. I have a great interest in engineering, especially aeronautical engineering. I have taken numerous courses in robotics, mechatronics, aero-modelling etc. from reputable institutions in India and excelled in those. I have won a lot of prizes in Academics, Co-Curricular activities and Engineering both Internationally and Nationally. It has been my childhood dream to study at MiT, I have always mentioned my goal to be able to study at MiT in every winning speech of mine. I have made many International level projects such as “Sourcing Electricity From Chimneys Via SeeBeck Effect” and “Autonomous Head Motion Controlled Wheelchair”, which got me selected in GOOGLE SCIENCE FAIR 2016 as a Regional Finalist. I also am the National Winner at Social Innovation Relay, JA Europe. Recently one of my best project’s, Real Time Detection Of Heavy Metal Ions In Water has got me selected as a Gold Medalist in the International Sustainable World Project Olympiad(I-SWEEEP, 2017) and Genius Olympiad New York(2017).

Apart from that I have a great interest in social service and animals welfare, for which I have helped by serving in various organisations like People For Animals and Hamari Kaksha(an organisation by our school to teach economically backward students in small schools). I have also lead various campaigns like Paani Bachao Paani Pilao(Save Water, Give Water) along my classmates.
I also play sports like Tennis, Inline Skating, Karate, and Dancing, excelling in most.

Some Of My Latest Projects

  • Real Time In-Situ Detection Of Heavy Metal Ions In Water: A Novel Approach

    This project present a fast, accurate and repeatable on-site and real time monitoring of heavy metals ions in potable water. Major sources of these heavy metal ions are cosmetics and their by-products, fertilizers and other chemicals generated from industrial or household waste. Initially some samples from Yamuna River (Okhla Bridge, India), were tested using AAS and ICMPS concentration of the heavy metal ions goes too high in the range of 1.4-6.6 mg/L.This project employs use of combine effect of anodic stripping voltammetry and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy. Commercially available equipment employing ASV technique does not measure concentration of ions with high repeatability, so we have combined EIS technique with ASV, which uses common electrode for both. The hardware comprises of an Intel Edison board to compute the results and present them via a 4d systems lcd, the system is also capable of transmitting the results online via Internet Of Things.
  • Sourcing Electricity From Chimneys Via SeeBeck Effect

    This project is basically a device which could be placed all around a chimney to harness the waste heat and convert it into pure electricity to power other equipment’s like lighting etc. It works via the seebeck effect of the peltier plate in which there is a movement of electrons within two metals of different temperatures producing electricity these junctions when placed in series and parallel creates a huge surface area to absorb heat and convert it into electricity. As the voltage generated is 12vdc per plate, I have added a voltage booster circuit to convert it into 220vac for normal use in cfl lighting. This project is a huge success specially in brick manufacturing industries where the furnace wastes loads of heat into the atmosphere.
  • Head Motion Controlled E-Wheelchair

    The idea behind this project is to design an Head Operated Wheel Chair that could be used to perform variety of tasks from a remote location using gestures/hand movements. The latest advancement in already existing wired robots is that this robot would be sent a signal for movement wirelessly using a radio frequency module for remotely moving robot and at the same time will be controlling it. So, this would basically be a real time based operation. The aim of the project is to design a wheelchair tilt communicator system that could operate the wheelchair of the handicapped person with the help of tilt of head movements. This system could be used by physically disable persons who cannot move their hands or legs but make head and eye motions.
  • GreenX SuperBike: A High Speed Electric Motorcycle

    This project was made by me for my personal use, but it turned out be a viable idea, as most people have a common understanding for e-bikes that they run at the speed of snails and they could walk faster than that. The bike that I designed completely redefines electric vehicles, it can accelerate from 0-100km/h in less than 3.5 seconds and has an electronically limited top speed of about 115 kmph. It also has economy functions like energy regeneration and electronic braking which sum up the total range to be around 60-80 kms per charge. I have added features like electronic exhaust sound and fully touch 7” interactive instrument cluster, fingerprint unlock and a lot more.

My Major Hobbies

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